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Rest When Dead - Jesse Scott Signature Tee

Rest When Dead - Jesse Scott Signature Tee

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This exclusive release holds significant personal value for me and holds special significance for the athletes associated with Rest When Dead.

My initial encounter with Jesse dates back to our high school years, marking the inception of a friendship and professional relationship that has spanned an impressive 25 years. Even during those early days, Jesse exhibited a proactive approach to promoting his wrestling endeavors, utilizing the high school morning announcements.

Despite the passage of time and the pursuit of our individual journeys, our connection remained. Jesse has consistently demonstrated an unwavering zest for life, retaining the title of one of the most humorous creative individuals I have encountered.

Jesse's support for Rest When Dead was evident from the onset, as he became our first online customer. This act is emblematic of his character—a testament to his genuine desire to witness success and radiance in those around him.

The decision to sponsor NEO's reboot was a natural one, given Jesse's innate creativity and his ability to turn any project into a resounding success. Learning of Jesse's cancer diagnosis was a profound shock, yet his enduring optimism and vitality serve as a testament to his indomitable Fighting Spirit, coincidentally reminiscent of the original Neo Spirit Pro Wrestling name.

Through his endeavors, Jesse has provided a platform for acclaimed individuals such as Eric Young, Sean Spears, and our own Cody Deaner and Crazzy Steve. His selfless dedication to professional wrestling has touched countless lives, enabling others to reap the rewards of his labor.

In light of the challenges posed by Jesse's new circumstances and his wife's decision to prioritize time at home, Rest When Dead is proud to introduce the Jesse Scott Fighting Spirit signature tee. We commit to donating 100 percent of the profits from this shirt to Jesse and his family to aid with their expenses. Furthermore, 50 percent of the profits from any additional Rest When Dead merchandise purchased in conjunction with the Jesse Scott signature shirt will also be allocated to support Jesse and his family.

Acknowledging the prevailing economic challenges, we understand that not everyone may be in a position to acquire a shirt but you can still help out. If Jesse's story resonates with you, we kindly ask for your assistance in sharing this post, as it will help share his story and cause.

Aaron York
Reaper Fitness Group Inc.
Rest When Dead Clothing Company.

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